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Taapsee Pannu Uncovers The Horrible Fact Behind Indian Film Industry

Taapsee Pannu Uncovers The Horrible Fact Behind Indian Film Industry
In a recent post, Tapsee Pannu has revealed some horrible facts about the current film industry. The truth that Tapsee had revealed has now become viral. Tapsee, the popular Indian film actress had acquired immense popularity with the massive success of the Hindi film ‘Pink’. In a recent interview of Tapsee by Humans of Bombay, she had shared some of her ups and downs that she faced in her professional career during initial times. Here is everything you need to know about Taapsee Pannu’s professional career and the horrible facts about the film industry. Have a look!
“Iron Leg, Bad Luck” – Taapsee Pannu
Initially, when she entered the film industry with her debut film ‘Jhummandi Naadam’ alongside Manchu Manoj, the film ended up as a flop. Everyone started blaming Taapsee for the film turning out as flop. Since then, they called Taapsee Pannu as iron leg and bad luck. Despite the entire film based on the making of the hit director and popular hero, the industry had blamed the actress alone. Even then, the actress didn’t turn back and left the industry. She had boldly confronted all the problems and finally acquired huge success in her profession.
The actress had great interest towards modelling during her college days. She thought of making some additional pocket money and took part in modelling. Later, the actress secured 88 percent of marks in her CAT examination and planned to do MBA. At the same time, she acquired her first film opportunity. She preferred the film industry over MBA. Unfortunately, the actress got a name as bad luck despite acting behind popular co-star and director.
However, she didn’t blame anyone in the industry and acted in several movies. She had to confront the same problem in the Bollywood film industry. Some of the popular actors declined to take her as an actress in their film. Some other times, the Bollywood producers fixed her dates and finalised as the lead role in their film. But, in the last minute, they backed her and considered some popular actress. Anticipating the equivalent pay, even Taapsee couldn’t get basic pay for her movies. Even then, the actress didn’t complain about this sort of treatment in the Indian film industry. Now, with the ultimate success of Pink film, her exposure has enhanced in a great manner. In the recent times, one guy poked her from back. She immediately grabbed his finger and twisted it hard. She then felt like a real-time hero rather than an on-screen heroine.

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