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The Cute Little Girl From Titanic Is All Grown Up And Now She Looks As Adorable As She Was Back Then!

James Cameron’s epic romance-disaster, Titanic is an unforgettable movie. The movie broke many records and earned a whopping amount throughout the world. We are sure most of us have watched this unforgettable movie. It’s not easy to forget any single character of the movie.
In the movie, 17-year-old Jack fell in love with Rose. But rose was not the only lady in jack’s life. Yes, you heard it right. There was one more adorable girl in Jack’s life which meant a lot to him.
Her name was Cora Cartmell.  We were all jealous of that little girl Cora as she got a chance to dance with Leonardo DiCaprio.
Alexandrea Owens essayed the role of Cora in the film. But now as we have taken you back, you might be wondering where is she now? So let us tell you, that cute little girl Cora is all grown up. She looks as adorable as she was then. Look at her pictures.
Isn’t she still look adorable as she was back then?
That same wide big eyes
Her smile is so alluring
Simplicity at its best
The most amazing reaction of Cora was when Rose came on the dance floor to dance. And Jack had to leave little Cora to dance with his lady love.

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