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These Family Photos Remain Almost Unchanged Though They Were Taken Dozens of Years Apart

Call it an enemy or a greatest healer of humans; it is certainly one of the most wonderful things ever discovered by anyone. It stops for none.
We are talking about TIME-one of the powerful influences on this living world.Great personalities have never shied away from confessing that time stops for no one. You must move on according to it. With time, mortals age, as they age, they grow older and go through many physical changes.
But these pictures had definitely defied the law of nature and time. They were taken decades apart from each other but still look all the same. Nothing is impossible fellas!
Some genius folks has recreated some of the precious moments from the past. They are reliving the past in true sense!
1.       Grandfather-father-son
2.       Father-daughter duo. Twins!!
3.       Two friends and their sons in the latter one
4.       Mother and daughter with a difference of 25 years. Beauties clad in red!
5.       Guy mimicked his father’s poses and expressions
6.       Great-grandmother Michelle and her great-granddaughter Lucy. The difference is 87 years
7.       Great-great-grandfather and his great-great-grandson 
8.       Mother and son

9.       Son recreated his father’s photo session from 1976
10.   Grandfather Henry and his grandson Edward in their 20s
11.   Above photo-Dad and his son. Photo below-The same son and his cat
12.   Grand-mother and grand-daughter
13.   Father and son duo when they were of the same age
14.   Mother and daughter 20 years apart
15.   Daughter found her mother’s photo when she was her age
16.   Picture on the left: Mom and her first-born. Picture on the right-Her daughter and her child 41 years apart
17.   Two smiles generations apart-Grandfather and grandson
18.   Mom and daughter at the same age in the school’s yearbook
19.   Father and son with same face, expressions and attires
20.   Mother and son in their teenage(16)
21.   11th generation picture-Abraham Lincoln and his descendant Ralph Lincoln
Hope you like it.

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