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These Funny Comics About The Little Yet HUGE Problems Women Face Everyday Are Spot On!

There are two kinds of women. One who will dress up, put their makeup perfectly even if that means waking up an hour early, and look good, no matter what. And then there are those who would love to be in their pyjamas the entire day but social pressure dictates them to look decent and so they would be in a jeans and t-shirt sans makeup! They are the ones who love lounging around the house on the weekends instead of attending parties.
These funny comics by Planet Prudence will showcase you the problems of the latter type of women. Have a look.

1. Totally the ‘sit-on-the-couch-watching-tv-series-girl’

2. Every day after lunch scenario!

3. Well, you literally have to take their farts!

4. This disappointment cannot be replaced by anything else. More description, less food!

5. Comfort is all that matters, really

6. Oh! this is the worst phase

7. LOL. Dance like no one is watching

8. Sometimes, the pessimist becomes stronger!

9. When you are too lazy to even open your cupboard and take the perfume out!

10. Well, because bums are difficult to clean


12. Strategy to make new friends: get them high on chips and wine!

13. Every f**king time you decide to get a haircut and then cancel

14. Every Valentine’s day!

15. When you are in one of those moods where you feel like the cutest being on the planet

16. The period days

17. Getting ready for some major eating!

18. This is so relatable. Hungry as soon as the class starts!

19. To exercise or to eat is the question!

20. Sometimes you dress up as expected and then change because it isn’t comfortable enough

So relatable, aren’t they? We go through these struggles every day. But cheers to who you are.

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