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These Tips Will Help You To Grow Your Nails Long And Fast

Its is considered a great idea to visit a beauty parlor or salon every week. But, not many girls have the time, energy or heck even money to visit a beauty parlor or salon every week or so. Even highly fashionable and stylish girls who shop a lot on Myntra and Jabong would find it hard to visit a salon every week.
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There is good news for all fashion conscious girls who are too lazy to visit a salon every week. Girls. we have come up with many home based cures for such issues. You can use lemon or Ginger at home every week to take care of your nails and keep them really long.
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In case your nails look dirty, do not worry girls, try to use garlic juice on your nails. Rub it hard on your nails. We are sure you will have squeaky cleans nails thanks to garlic juice.
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Also, try dipping your nails into lemon water in case garlic juice does not work very well for you. You must dip your nails into lemon juice every day for a few minutes at least. This will not just lighten your fingers but also make your nails clean.
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We would also strongly advice you to start avoiding permanent nail polish and avoid using nail polish or chemicals on your nails too often. These chemicals can permanently damage your nails. So, beware girls. Share this article with your friends to make them aware of these simple cures too.

Watch this video to know more :

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I hope this would be helpful to you. Now you can grow long and strong nails.

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