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These Witty Road Signs On Bhutan Roads Can Bring Any Rash Driver On Track. Seriously!

Bhutan BRO Road SignsA country which measures growth in terms of ‘Gross National Happiness’, is the country to be in. The peace loving, picturesque nation is always in news for the right reasons. If you’ve ever have a chance to visit the beautiful country by road, then you’ll be chuckling upon reading the road signs along the way. No kidding!
It is a part of Project Dantak, an Indian government-funded initiative by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) that has “for more than half a century has helped Bhutan’s steady path towards modernisation through construction and development projects.”

The signs are in English and also in Dzhongka (Bhutan’s official language). And, they are punny, witty and the humour is on point. Have a dekko!

1. That’s some sign, huh?!

2. That should be the motto.

3. The rhyming is on point!

4. That’s true!

5. That’s quite a romantic approach.

6. And, we don’t want that cut, do we?

Image Source

7. Fair warning.

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8. No pun, but a serious motto.

9. Slow and steady, people, slow and steady.

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10. Errm, ladies, that’s for you.

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‘On the bend, go slow friend’, ‘Life is a journey, complete it’, ‘Time is money, but life is precious’, ‘Don’t hurry, be cool, since heaven is already full’ and ‘Mountains are pleasure only if you drive with leisure’ are some other classics.
Border Roads Organisation has also built and maintained roads in other countries neighbouring India, including Afghanistan, Burma and Sri Lanka.
Source: BBC
Image Courtesy: Chris Dwyer

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