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This 13 Year Old Boy And 15 Year Old Mother Are The Youngest Parents!

This is not fiction but a real life story. What were you doing when you were thirteen or fourteen year old? I bet you were busy playing with your friends or an innocent kid. But, look what the world has come to nowadays.
Here, we present to you a kid who has become a father at the age of merely thirteen years. Becoming a mother is great feeling, but at least you should be right age, right?
A kid named Alfie has become a kid at merely the age of thirteen years which has sent shock waves throughout the world. The name of the baby is Maisie. Alfie himself is just four feet old and a mere kid.

When Alfie was asked, how will he take care of the baby financially, he replied that he had no idea of the word ‘financially’ itself. So, now you can well understand what kind of responsibility these kids will bear.
Youngest parents are here :
Our advice to all is please have children only once you are past a responsible age. At least be above 21 years of age, so that you can responsibly raise your kid and bear financial costs as well.
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