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This 19-Year-Old’s Reason For Late Submission Has Impressed Her Professor And The Internet

At some point or other, we have all been late in submitting our assignments. The reasons would vary from being sick to your right hand being hurt so bad that you cannot write. In school, the classic excuse used to be, ‘Yes ma’am/sir, I have done my homework but I forgot my notebook at home!’ We never tried to be honest, but our honest reasons would be, ‘I was sleepy’ or ‘I forgot about it.’
So, when you read this 19-year-old girl’s honest reason for submitting her assignment late, you would be in splits!

This is Rachel Harriman. She is a student at the Ohio University.

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And this is her very honest reason for missing her deadline in submitting the assignment.

Well, think about the professor who would be happy by this confession.

The tweet went viral and Twitter was filled with reactions. Take a look at some of them!

1. Already a job offer!

"how are classes going" "how is your life" pic.twitter.com/7GOXFFI7U6
@rachel_harry8 This is gold Rachel!!. Can I hire you to start writing my emails to my Professors???

2. The true friend!

3. Professor’s reaction would have been worth capturing

"how are classes going" "how is your life" pic.twitter.com/7GOXFFI7U6
@rachel_harry8 Holly shitty, trying to imagine the prof reaction!lol gl w the next 1 (stay single during undergrad and enjoy ;)

4. Hahaha. Bound to make you laugh!

"how are classes going" "how is your life" pic.twitter.com/7GOXFFI7U6
@rachel_harry8 I read this multiple times a day whenever I need a good laugh

5. Going to the beach would invite wrath, though!

"how are classes going" "how is your life" pic.twitter.com/7GOXFFI7U6
@rachel_harry8 you think you can draft one up for my work...I wanna go to the beach haha

6. As Dumbledore would have said, “I award 50 points to Miss Rachel for her honesty!”

@rachel_harry8 how the fuck is this a real excuse?
@blueorbrownone @rachel_harry8 could you imagine potential employers seeing it? Points for honesty I guess but damn.
The purpose of the letter was served. Her professor understood the concern and she even got a B-plus on her assignment. Wish we had such understanding professors around.

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