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This Boy’s Dream Is To Teach Every Kid So That They Don’t Have To Work At Signal, Like Him

LifeLife is not about what didn’t happen, but about the things that you make happen. Yes, it takes hard work and strong determination but what is life without it anyway? I’m sure you have grown along with fables that say the same but nothing tells you better than an example. A real life example that has the potential to inspire millions.

Shared by Humans of Bombay, I want to introduce you to one such example, a godsend 16-year-old boy who is far more sensible than words can convey. It will not instil the sense of purpose in you but will also teach you all about optimism. Read the entire post here.

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 “Once when I was 5 years old, my mother said she wasn’t hungry and served us dinner. She watched us eating with a big smile on her face and went to sleep after drinking some water. I knew she was hungry, but there wasn’t enough food for all of us — that was the first time I decided to start working. Since then I’ve sold books and flowers at the signal because I don’t want to see my mother go to sleep hungry ever again.
I realised slowly that I can’t spend my whole life selling things at the signal and the only way to move forward was to try and educate myself. I joined Signal Shaala and started attending classes for the first time in my life at the age of 16. I work 8 hours a day at the signal, attend school for 4 hours and then go home and do my homework. It’s ironic that I’ve sold books all my life but I couldn’t even read the titles. Now, late into the night I’m trying to read more than just a few pages of these books…and I can’t explain the feeling of finally understanding letters and words. Someday I dream of becoming a teacher — I dream of the day when there are no children working at signals, but they’re all in classrooms where they can finally dare to dream.”

Because sometimes all you need is a hope and the optimism to turn the table of fate. Wish everybody took a leaf from his book, called life.

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