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This Girl Was Bullied In School And Her Story Will Definitely Make You Cry

People do not always find you attractive when you are born different. It becomes very complicated as well as difficult for few people like  Shaili Kumari who are born differently. Shaili Kumari the 7-year-old girl from Bihar had to leave her school as her classmates would bully her.
They used to call her an alien and frog eyes. Shaili is suffering from a disorder called Crouzon Syndrome. In this disorder, the skull bones fuse prematurely which causes bulging eyes and abnormal face structure.

Due to swollen eye pockets, she can’t look in the same direction with her both eyes.Besides facing this bizarre disorder, she had to face merciless taunts from her classmate. Her parents felt helpless and were left with no choice than to stop her studies.
Shaili like her sister also wants to go school and complete her studies. She wants to become a doctor so that she can help people like her.

I feel bad when I see myself in the mirror. And wonder if I”ll ever be like my brother and sister. But I keep myself busy with dancing and singing so that I don’t think about it. I really want to study and become a doctor so that I can help people like me. I know I am not normal. But I want to so that I can start going to school and live my life.” says the brave Shaili.
Unlike other children of her age who are afraid of doctors, she loves seeing them as they give her a hope of better life.
She says, “I am not afraid of doctors. Actually, I love seeing them because they give me hopes of a better life. “
All we want to say to this brave soul is Stay strong Shaili. Never let these bullies win.

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