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This Girl Went Undercover To Ensure Her BFF’s Date Goes Well And We Love Her For It

There are friends, there are good friends, there are close friends and then there are best friends. I’d like to enlist the help of a popular quote in order to illustrate the difference between your best friend and the rest.
“Friends will come to bail you out of prison but your best friend will be sitting right next to you saying, ‘Boy, that was fun!'”
Basically, your best friend is willing to go that extra crazy mile for you, no matter what.

This dedicated BFF, Georgia, actually went undercover to her best friend Presleigh’s date to make sure it went smoothly. 

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And do you know how Presleigh found out that her BFF had tagged along?

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Also, just in case you were wondering: 

While a good friend might give you the best dating advice, help you dress up and support you all the way until you step out of the house, it’s only your BFF who’ll follow you discreetly and keep a watchful eye to ensure every minute of your date is absolutely wonderful.
Do any of you have such a crazy BFF?

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