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This Group of Russian Hot Girls Show You How To Twerk Like A Boss

Well, Miley Cirus may have made twerking very famous since her controversial stage performance with Robin Thicke. Since then many videos have come out where girls are showing the booty dance and those images go viral. It might be the reason why many other women out there are learning how to twerk and its soon going to be a common dance step, I guess. Here are a bunch of Russian girls (and we know how hot they are) twerking like a pro.

There is no way anyone can easily beat them.

If you think you can then gather a bunch of friends and try dancing like they are.

There is no person who wouldn’t be entertained by this form of dance.

It is the reason why twerking videos are a buzz on the internet.

Some have so much passion that they are excelling in this.

Just like these girls who are doing excellent booty move and making the people numb. They are not even able to look anywhere else. It is a jaw dropping performance.

A Russian choreographer posted the video.

Shoshina Katerina, a Russian choreographer taught her students and then posted their video on social media. The video spread like the fire spreads in a jungle. It is fascinating.

The moves are smooth

Each step is very clear and choreographer seems to be talented in this genre. They danced according to the music and did not miss even a single beat which made them look flawless.

It isn’t easy as it seems.

When you try performing this style, you will realize that it takes a lot of efforts to make the dancing moves clear. This dance performance was another level.

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