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This Man Had 350 Girlfriends. You Will Be Surprised To Know How!

These days, it has become a trend for people to have many girlfriends or boyfriends. Some people have gone to the extent of having multiple grooms or brides too. A similar case has happened recently.
Many people use marriage web sites for searching and tricking girls in such cases. K.V. Ratna Reddy from Andhra Pradesh has not one or two , not even three but yes a staggering 350 girlfriends! He registered on a wedding web site and duped girls into marrying him. In this manner he managed to fool 350 Girls.
K.V. Ratna Reddy somehow managed to procure a passport to the US. Once KV Ratna Reddy reached the US, he registered himself as a NRI on a leading matrimonial website.
This is how got marriage proposals from numerous girls and even some NRI ones. KV Ratna Reddy managed to dupe a NRI family of 20 lakhs recently. But, this NRI family complained to the Cyber Security wing of police in Hyderabad, India. The police were easily able to track down Reddy.

CCS unite of the Hyderabad Police has already arrested KV Ratna Reddy fort his crime. What is shocking is that Reddy was found to be in the list for WANTED criminals by Hyderabad Police in 9 other fraud case.

ACP of Cyber Crime Raghuveer said,

“We are writing to the Visakhapatanam police on how an offender wanted in several crimes secured a passport. We are also writing to the matrimonial site to provide more information on his profile besides telling them to remove it from the site.”
On further enquiry, the police came to know that Reddy has not one or two but a staggering 350 Girlfriends including a Candaian woman. Reddy could manage all this with his awesome English language skills.

So, friends do not fall for such fraud guys on social media or matrimonial sites. Do share this story on Facebook if you found it interesting.

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