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This Man Working On His Laptop On The Footpath is Being Trolled On Twitter

With the availability of smartphones, it has become a common practice to click pictures. People love to capture anything and everything with their smartphones. But what they do next with the picture? Later in their free time, they upload the pic with any hilarious caption.

Recently, a picture of a man working on his laptop went viral over the social networking site. 
Twitter has become a platform to troll people. And it doesn’t take much time to get any pic viral over the internet. One such picture was uploaded by a Twitter user. A Twitter user @abcdefu took a picture of an amazing sight.
He uploaded a picture of a man working on his laptop on the footpath. What next? The picture of that man surfaced the internet. You”ll go ROFL after reading the captions.

When you get free wifi signals
When clients ask for last minute change
Employee of the year
Employee of the year but still no increments
Before sleeping tracking Salman Khan’s Suv location via GPS
When you find solace on the footpath
In Delhi, it's a dedicated guy finishing his work.

In Bandra, a suicide attempt.
If you are a corporate person, then you can easily relate to this man working on his laptop. The Twitterati were quick to appreciate his extra efforts and dedication towards his office.

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