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This Man’s Heart Wrenching Story of Burying His 31 Year Old Daughter Will Bring Tears In Your Eyes

Losing any person to death is an irrecoverable loss. Every individual person has its own importance.  No one can take that person’s place in your life whom you have lost. But as they say life doesn’t stop for anyone. It goes on with or without you. You have to move on from the sorrows of your life.
Death is inevitable. Therefore sooner or later we have to face the truth of life. But isn’t it too sooner for a 31 months old who hasn’t seen anything in her life. And what about a father who had seen his 31 months old daughter die in an untimely and fatal accident.
On Quora a user asked, “Which is worse: watching your child die, or watching your parent die?”, Lirin Chacko’s heart-wrenching answer garnered a lot of attention.
Lirin lost his 31 months daughter in a tragic accident. He elucidates the heart-wrenching story on Quora.

Read on his story
“I would never want even my enemy to bury his kid. I am now 32 and my wife 28. Ours was a love marriage arranged by our parents.
Up till then I and my wife had never experienced any death in our families. Never visited the cemetery for anyone burial. All was perfect and we were blessed with a beautiful daughter Jordan.
She was 31 months old when we three met an accident. She died after 6 days in coma. My wife had 11 fractures in her skull with a completely disfigured face. I still remember the day we buried her.
We both were hurt and our injuries didn’t allow us to cry properly. But we were quiet when they buried her.
Empty. No future. Our lives had changed. We spoke to none but found comfort in each other. I started to love my wife once again . This time more than the first. But the emptiness still remained. We went every month to her grave . Spoke to her in hours. We never socialized. Only watched movies and series and Joel Osteen.
We never feared death anymore. Infact we longed to meet our Jordan. Such a sweet and composed soul and she died just like that. People all around us said that we were so lucky to survive. Our driver lost both his legs. My wife was still recovering from surgery and so was I.
But we never ever felt alive. We cried each night to sleep. Hoping to die in our sleep.
But still we kept a brave face infront of our parents. Never cried infront of them.
We then realized how worthless life is. How death tears your life yet it is a truth.
Your life may be a distant lie but your death is a certain truth.
My parents never really experienced our pain simply because Their child was living . They always praised god that we lived and we cursed that why we didn’t die with her .
Time passed and we overcame our grief . We both worked hard at our workplace. She teaches nursing students while I managed my own business.
We are now blessed with a baby girl again. We prayed day and night and God heard us. We kept here name JADYN
.But still somewhere the truth still follows us. We miss our Jordan. Her reference comes every day. But now it makes us smile . We are blessed enough to see our child once again.
We are proudly called as parents. Most importantly my wife is a mother again. A child clings to her , calls her mumma.

But I pray that no one ever sees the death of the child. It is the most painful experience that one can never overcome.
We have the best financial and social security and even the love of a beautiful child but still we have not overcome our loss. Jordan will always be missed.
And now we realize that we cannot even part with her memory of her loss even if God decides to erase our memories. It is better to live in her pain than to never have experienced her. We love our Jordan.
Here is a collage of the two sisters taken at Jordans last Christmas and Jadyns first.
Thank you for the question.
And to finally answer your question in a quote just remember
When a parent dies, a child feels his own mortality, but when a child dies, it’s immortality that a parent loses.”

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