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This Mom’s Rant On Being Cropped Out Of Daughter’s Picture Is EPIC!

We click lots and lots of pictures nowadays. Be it taking a selfie or posing at a corner of our room, taking pictures have become a common and must practice. While at any social gathering or a simple night stay, clicking photos with different poses have become an important activity.
Although, we usually end up with a few good ones. And with the rest, we either have to crop them up or edit using different photo editors in order to make them upload-worthy. Abeera Tariq, a resident of Maryland, United States did the similar thing which turned out to be a big mistake!
Abeera did the mistake of cropping one important person out of some group pictures. She attended her cousin’s wedding with her family – mother and two brothers. They took around a hundred pictures at the function. Later when she got the time to upload them on the internet, she cropped her mother out of one.
As she couldn’t find one where she was only with her brothers, she cut her mother out of the picture and all hell broke loose. She indeed regretted her action later.

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