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This New Disease Is Deadlier To Women Than AIDS! Not Even Condoms Can Protect Them

What could be deadlier than aids? Ever heard about a disease that could be more harmful to a female body than aids? HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is a disease that is transmitted sexually (ETS) and it affects both male and female body. According to the medical experts, this virus is responsible for cervical cancer, mouth cancer, penis cancer and even anus cancer.
HPV virus can be avoided and you must learn about the symptoms here.
Firstly, you should know that the Human Papilloma Virus is a group of viruses that can also affect the human skin. According to the NCCC (National Cervical Cancer Coalition) of United States, there exist over 100 different types of this virus. Most of the HPV do not harm the body and also do not show any symptoms of their existence. They go away on their own.
They can also lead to a low-risk type of cancer that can cause genital warts that usually show changes in the cervix.
There are certain types of HPV that causes common warts on the hands and feet. It is known that up to 80% of the people get infected with at least one type of HPV in their genital area as there exist about 40 types of genital HPV. Genital HPVs are the high-risk types that can cause cervical pre-cancer and cancer too. They can also lead to low-risk types that can cause genital warts.
The male condoms can help reduce the risk of contact and female condoms cover more than male ones. But neither of them can eliminate the risk of the infection completely. Many medical experts claim that majority of the people get their first type of HPV infection within few years of becoming sexually active.

Women who are infected with the virus have high chances of developing cervical cancer in the next 10-2- years. This is why women are advised to get their body examined regularly. The NCCC suggest that women over 30 years of age should get the Pap smear test. This test detects the abnormal cells in the cervix that may lead to cervical cancer.
  • HPV 16 is associated with some types of head and neck cancer.
  • Almost 30% of oral carcinomas are HPV related.
  • According to the National Library of Medicine of the US, cervical cancer is totally preventable but only if it is discovered in the early stage.
A person can be infected with more than one type of HPV. The virus is easily transferable through any direct skin contact and through sex as sex involves genital contact. That means it is possible to get the virus without even having intercourse.
Watch the introduction to HPV here: –
Get regular full-body checkups to know about this infection as early as possible and take the right preventive measures to control it. This disease can be really dangerous and many people are not aware of it so don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.


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