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This Pakistani Pilot’s Photos Are Doing Round The Internet & Making Everyone Fall In Love With Her

When travelling through an aeroplane, you might have seen several gorgeous air hostesses. We are sure that after looking at their beautiful smile you would have wondered why travelling takes so less time. But we are going to introduce you to an extremely beautiful pilot who will take your heart away with her smile.
Meet Huma Liaqat who is burning the Internet with her mesmerizing smile. After seeing her pics we totally fell in love with her. If there was a competition for the most beautiful pilot, she would have won the title very easily.

She became an Internet sensation after her pics went viral. She is not the only person who has become an overnight star through internet. A few Weeks ago, a Pakistani Chaiwala’s pics went viral over the Internet. After that he became a star and got offers of modelling too. And now it’s this Pakistani Pilot who is taking away the hearts.
Epitome of ‘beauty with brains’
She is the first officer for Airbus 320 at Pakistani International airlines(PIA). Her colleagues are very happy that she became an Internet sensation. She is not just a pretty face with no brains. Instead she is a epitome of beauty with brains as claimed by her colleagues.

She is married
Yes, you heard it right, she is married. While she is Karachi based, her husband lives in United States Of America.
 Check out her pics here :
Her innocent eyes just stole our heart away
Let’s take a selfie before plane goes high
Isn’t she beautiful? What do you think her? Do share your views with us.

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