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This Photo Of Someone’s Legs Is Gonna Stuck Your Brain

Internet never runs out of optical illusions. Thousands of pictures are shared online daily with an optical illusion that can really give you a hard time solving the riddle.
Remember the blue-black/ white-gold dress? That mystery dress played with everyone’s mind. The challenge was to identify the actual color of the dress but no one could guess it.
Not only the internet but some reputed scientists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology took a great interest in the dress and finally decided to go all the way deep into solving the mystery behind the conspicuous colors and actual colors.
No sooner that that mystery of the dress solved, we were presented with yet another picture. But this time it is way more difficult to solve it as the picture being an optical illusion is itself under doubt.
Instagram user @leonardhoespams shared this picture on its account. And since then it has taken the Internet by storm.
Most obviously, this is a picture of someone’s legs. But aren’t they too shiny to be real?
What actually can make appear so glossy? Oil maybe?
Or there might be a cellophane covering over the legs and thighs?
Still looking for something? Or had you solved it already?
If not then there are some Twitteratis who tried to figure out the mystery behind the legs.
1. He is unsatisfied with the assumption of the legs being oily.
2. Our eyes are still betraying us.
4. Now there are three assumptions instead of two. The Paint one is another guess.
5. Finally a Twitter handle named Derek unraveled the mystery behind these glossy woman’s legs. This is just a few strokes of white paint on the thighs which make for the shiny patches. 

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