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This Teacher Of 8th Class “Got Herself Pregnant” By Her 13 Years Old Student

In an extremely shameful incident abroad, a female teacher has indulged in a sexually explicit affair with a minor student. Well, can you guess the age of the minor student? Well, he is just 13 years old!
Now, what can we say about this incident. We know that one should never ever target minors for any sensual favor. It is not pardonable to date a minor ever. After all a minor is below the age of consent.
So, we have come to know through our exclusive American reported Ashish that this school teacher named Alexandia Vera was involved in physical relationship with her 13 year old high school student.

Ashish Thakur has also reported that Alexandria Vera was crazy about her student and used to chat with him on Instagram and Snapchat also. Finally, the student agreed to date her which thrilled the sensual Alexandria Vera.
We have learned that Alexandria Vera continued the affair with her student even after she got pregnant.
This is extremely unfortunate incident.

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