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This Toddler Used To Smoke 40 Cigarettes A Day Has Quit Smoking. This Is How He Looks Like Now

A few years ago Ardi Rizal stirred the Internet with his pics taking a puff of a cigarette. This toddler who lives in Sumatra Indonesia was known to smoke 40 cigarettes a day. It generated so much wrath among the public that Indonesian Government had to take steps against childhood smoking.
Smoking is unarguably harmful to everyone. But when it comes to children, special care must be taken to protect them from this deadly poison.
Explaining the cause of childhood smoking In Indonesia Matt Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free kids said, “What we have in Indonesia is a perfect storm. It is a government that is failing to protect its children. And an industry that is marketing its products like it was 60 years ago. Indonesia has more young people smoking under the age of 10 than any other country that has been identified.
He further added “If you drive around Indonesia you are saturated with tobacco images. Smoking is not just an easy habit to pick up there, it’s the cultural norm, fostered by the kind of advertising we haven’t seen in the West in 50 years.”He ended up saying,’It is a failure of government and it is a failure of industry.”

In 2010, his pics of inhaling smoke and blowing rings first went viral on the Internet.
Thereafter he was treated for his smoking addiction and managed to quit within 30 days of the program. He was just 2 years old when he got addicted to cigarettes and started smoking 40 cigarettes a day.
He is no more addicted to them. However, he has replaced his one addiction with another. he got addicted to food. Instead of smoking a cigarette he used to eat lots of food to deal with the craving. Due to his addiction to food, he became overweight.
Eventually, like the addition of smoking, he overcame this addiction too. This is how he looks like now.

Now he is no more addicted to smoking and living a normal life.

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