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This ‘Touch A Stranger’s Hand Escalator Prank Is Both Side-splitting And A Bit Strange Too

Have you ever thought how would you act in response when someone- either a sexy girl or super handsome guy- touches you while you are on an escalator? Are you thinking?
Well, some individuals responded in a quite different way and they were secretly captured by a team of mischief-makers. A man and a woman were made to touch the hands of casual strangers on an escalator to understand how they would act in response. 

This humorous joke captures the response of men when their hands very gently touched by beautiful and flirty woman.

While on the other hand, women weren’t spared either because a guy also did some prank on few of them to see how they gonna react.

To be candid, what made the acts really side-splitting was sighted how the men tried to clarify what just ensued to their significant other and fiancées. You can just see in the video how startled they were because of their immediate reactions. I won’t charge them, of course. Well, I meant that I precisely don’t know how I would ever react in such kind of situation if I would have been with my husband.

Just smiled and pointed towards his wedding ring

My most cherished part though in the video, was the one specifically when a guy just smiled and pointed towards his wedding ring when touched by a stranger woman. That point of time he wasn’t even along with his wife when a gorgeous looking girl tried to flirt with him, but he made it very clear in the first go that he isn’t at all in a mood to betray his loving wife. Kudos to the guy! He preferred to stay loyal to his significant other, despite of coming across such a beautiful distraction.

A video was filmed by Luca Lavarone under the fanpage.it creations. The hilarious social experimentation even two forms for it- the straight and gay versions both were captured.

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