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This Video Of A Brave Girl Kicking Ass Of Eve-Teasers Will Make You Fight Yours!

Eve-teasing and its kinds are the ugly truths of the society. You may call it by different names as the situation need be but, and I’m a gender neutral person, it invariably IS a girl at the receiving end. Scorned, judged and abused because of clothes, time and appeal, women are subjugated to victimisation followed by character assassination. And this is not just home-bound, rather a global problem.
While a cry of help is never not an option, fighting for your safety is always advisable. And this girl in the video goes out to do exactly that. And how! A female cyclist in Central London was harassed by a van driver at a signal, who tried to touch her, asking for her number. When she refused, he mocked asking,
But she wasn’t one to sit and sulk. Upon the green signal, the brave girl took on the scums and you have to see to believe, how she kicked their ass! Wish we had more like her!
After the video went viral, many publications have reported it to be a hoax. According to a report in The Sun, a witness saw a man giving instructions to actors before the scene was filmed by a motorcyclist in London.
The video which was released by Shoreditch-based viral content firm Jungle Creations, co-owned by Jamie Bolding and Paul Bieboer has now launched an internal investigation into the clip. In a statement released, the company said,
“It has come to our attention that a video distributed on our Facebook channel Viral Thread on 21st February 2017 may be factually incorrect. We rigorously vet all content received from third parties to ascertain its credibility, but unfortunately our usual high standards were not met on this video. We are committed to ensuring and protecting the integrity of content on our channels and we take matters of this nature extremely seriously.
We’ve since started an internal investigation to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The video has now been removed from all Jungle Creations social media channels and we wholeheartedly apologise for the confusion caused.”

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