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This Video Of A Girl Catching Her Mother Clicking Selfies Will Remind You Of Your Mom

momOut of all the things that this decade has gifted the humanity (and there’s a lot), the best by far is the self-appreciating and self-fulfilling art of taking pictures of the self, i.e, the selfie. As much as we hate to admit, selfies have not only made a place in our phones but in our filtered, virtually documented lives, thanks to social media.
And hey, it’s not just this millennial, even parents of the millennial have finally opened their arms, or should I say, raised their arms to click that perfect selfie (at least they’re trying to).

In one such escapade, a girl secretly filmed her mom trying to click a selfie and IT IS THE BEST THING I HAVE SEEN ON THE INTERNET. 

Yes, you’re right. Twitter burst out with reactions and you shouldn’t miss any!

1. Very necessary!

2. Mutual is the feeling

3. Hands down!

4. Oh lord, YES!

5. People co-related too!

Yes, you’re right again. The tweet has since gone viral and it was time ‘mom’ knew about it. And her reaction is every mother out there!

Moms! How I wish I could explain, moms!
P.S- God’s best work BTW.

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