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This Video Shows How Women Should React To Sexual Harassment At Office!

Sexual Harassment at workplace has been a bane to women empowerment and women upliftment in our otherwise skewed society toward male dominance and patriarchy. The recent turn of events about the unfortunate and ugly reality of workplace harassment forces women to be conscious of entering the workforce as a result of which only 50% of Indian women end up working.
The entertainment industry has been an area which was expected to be relatively open to women participation as there was less glass ceiling, but the recent episodes relating to sexual harassment at workplace narrative a different story altogether.
This video by Bombay Diaries, speaks of the trauma a lady goes through everyday inside and out of the house.

Even after suffering blatant prejudice, they are silenced to tolerate this abnormality as if it were their destiny. The beauty of the video comes out when the girl decides to speak up and refuses to accept the stereotyping. She shut the misogynist guy with her true and hard hitting words.
It is high time women stood up with a strong voice, because if they do not then who will !
Watch this amazing video which puts forth a paradigm shift to the perceptions and fears of women folks to cases of sexual harassment at workplace.
Share this link on your facebook timeline if you are against sexual harassment. Girls raise your voice because if you don’t no one will!

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