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This Will happen If You Put A Garlic Under Your Pillow

Aroma of garlic is so captivating that it has been long used as a flavor booster in many food items. Be it for pizza topping, pasta sauce, curries or dips it is used almost everywhere. It can instantly liven up any dish. Despite adding flavor to any dish, it cures many ailments too.
Even when scientists had not enough data about Garlic, people used it to stay healthy. It should be consumed daily. And if possible should be consumed in its raw form. That way it contains more nutrients. Garlic if eaten raw prevents lung infection. Consuming a garlic clove daily helps to prevent high cholesterol.
Earlier it was used as a bug repellent too. If you suffering from a stubborn cold and flu, it can do wonders in it. Consuming garlic is understood but why would anyone put it under the pillow.
Read on to unravel the benefits of putting a garlic under the pillow.
Putting Galic under the pillow
While some people put a clove of Garlic under their pillow, some put it in their pockets. This is done for a sound sleep. Some folks even rub their kitchen utensils with Garlic.
It was believed by our ancestors that putting a garlic clove under the pillow helps to keep away all the evil spirits and protects them from the spirits.  It helps to remove all the negative vibes away from you. Thus it helps in sound sleep.

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It may be difficult to sleep with that smell at first. But with time you”ll get used to it. It is done to eliminate all the negative energy that surrounds us and brings us good luck.
Besides adding flavor in your food, Garlic can do wonders to your health. Consuming a Garlic clove do wonders in your health. Why only consume it? Try putting it under your pillow for a sound sleep.

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