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This Woman Thought She Had A Baby Inside Her Belly But When Doctors Operated Her, They Were Stunned!

A woman in Mexico recently believed that she had baby belly. The girl was merely 24 years old and extremely glad that she was pregnant.
But, the Mexican girl was surprised when she noticed that the belly kept increasing abnormally even after 11 months period. her other body parts were normal but just her belly was becoming bigger.
She finally consulted doctors in Mexico who performed emergency check ups on the 24 year old girl. The girl was in extremely poor medical condition.

Finally, doctors operated this girl and found out that it was not a baby insider her belly but a cyst was developing in her ovaries which weighed over 31 kg.
So, in short the girl was carrying the weight of ten babies in her belly actually.

Watch the video :-

Watch another video :-

Now, the girl in Mexico is doing fine after the operation. We wish her good luck and hope for her speedy recovery.

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