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Twitter Called Emma Watson A ‘Hypocrite’ And ‘Fake Feminist’ After She Posed Topless

Emma Watson has been appreciated a lot for her social activism, especially related to women rights and feminism. People admire her for being a strong and independent woman.

But she came under a lot of fire online for posing topless in Vanity Fair. People on Twitter called her a hypocrite and a fake feminist for posing this way.

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This is not the only photo in the magazine, however. The cover photo is relatively modest as is the third one. But somehow people online thrashed her for that one photo.

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Some tweets were by trolls and some were downright mean

1. Emma Watson had earlier criticised a Beyonce video for being voyeuristic and it backfired here now

fuck Emma Watson for shaming Beyoncé and discrediting her feminism for being sexual; and then turning around to do a topless shoot though.

2. Some people even went ahead and called her out for putting out her ‘tits’

Emma Watson: "Feminism, feminism... gender wage gap... why oh why am I not taken seriously... feminism... oh, and here are my tits!"

3. The hypocrite angle came up again

Emma Watson is a disgusting hypocrite for this and I hate her even more

4. And some people even morphed double standards with hypocrisy

Feminist: Page 3 girls? Topless? Ban them! Emma Watson topless? Brave and Stunning!  

5. That is just too harsh

@JuliaHB1 Emma Watson another clueless luvvie doesn't understand feminist means speaking out against CSE, FGM & oppression! 

6. This is just uncalled for

Emma Watson is just a bit of a dick really isn't she

Not everyone was critical, though. Some of her supporters even came out for her defence.

7. People called out the trolls for just bashing Emma for the ‘feminist’ tag

Funny how Emma Watson was every guy I know's example of a dream girl- ladylike, smart, pretty- but now she's a feminist, she's just awful!

8. Exactly!

People saying @EmmaWatson isn't a feminist because of her latest vanity fair photo shoot are idiots. She can do whatever the feck she wants!

9. She can do whatever she wants!

For heaven's sake. I'm no Emma Watson fan, but she hasn't sacrificed her feminist principles. It's her body to do what she likes with.

10. On point!

If your feminism involves concern trolling Emma Watson's boobs, perhaps you need to check your premises. HARD. 
It is baffling how people can just start trolling her just because she posed in a revealing shoot for a magazine. She is an actress who works in the show business. What do people expect her to do?
Also, the hypocrisy of people online is also surprising. She gets bashed if she makes a feminist statement and she gets bashed if she wears something like this for a fashion magazine shoot.
She looks amazing and should ignore these trolls. Period.
Keep rocking that body and those opinions Emma!

News Source – Hindustan Times

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