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Twitter Has Gone Crazy With This Rani Mukerji Meme And We Can’t Stop Falling Off The Chair

Twitter and meme games go hand in hand. Or if I may, handle in handle. Almost everyday Twitterati and meme professionals (I’m not kidding) contribute to the conglomerate of the creative minds that stop at nothing. Be it a video, GIF, picture or anything that is less than 140 characters, the Twitterverse has the potential to turn it around and unleash a meme battle of its own kind.
Only yesterday, Twitter celebrated another glorious meme day, thinking of various possible things a man could do working on a laptop by the pavement. Now, they have done it again and its a blast from the past.

A still from Rani Mukerji’s film, ‘Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega’ is doing the rounds now and you must look how!

1. You know what I mean!

2. In case you didn’t! 

Me (every morning): Do I really need this job?

My brain: You really need the money.

3. Why Facebook, why?

When Facebook randomly shows your '5 years ago' happy photo with your ex.



6. Is the car tumbling yet?

7. Damn you bladder!

When you realize you have to pee 2 minutes after going to bed

8. *sobs uncontrollably* 

When I dream about the pizza in my fridge the whole day and return home only to find it GONE.

9. Eggs talk. Talk eggs.  

10. The first fundamental of siblinghood

when your sibling says "tujhe kachre k dibbe se uthaaya tha mom dad ne"


12. Emo mode on!

13. Nationalists, I’m sure he means nationalists

14. Sooryavansham..Sooryavansham


15. Improvisation is always appreciated! 

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Pic 1 : when friends make a plan for night out

Pic 2 : when your parents say no

*brb* *going to watch sooryavansham*

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