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Twitterati Couldn’t Resist From Taking A Jibe On Ranveer Singh’s Funny Outfit

When it comes to dressing, celebrities are very conscious about their looks. But Ranveer Singh doesn’t believe in following rules. Instead, he is the rule setter. There is hardly any celebrity who is as carefree as Ranveer Singh.
Befikre Ranveer Singh is known for his carefree behavior publicly. He doesn’t care about what people thinks. That is evident from his appearance that he makes publically. Ranveer loves to experiment with his looks. No matter what people think, he always experiment with his outfits and style.
Very few people know that the popular beard and moustache look came into trend after him. However, the fashion police are often not much fascinated with his experiments. His funky outfits have always been a hot topic among his fans.
While some fans try to copy him, others don’t miss a chance to take a jibe on him. Despite people making fun of him, he doesn’t stop experimenting with fashion. And that’s what makes him different from other actors.

Ranveer was recently spotted in an event sharing the frame with the megastar Amitabh Bachchan and SRK. He was decked up in a funky red suit which was making him outshine among other actors.
The actor was exchanging pleasantries with Big B and Shahrukh Khan. But people didn’t let this chance go off their hands. They took this chance to make fun of him. Twitter was surfaced with funny captions of the same pic.
Hava a lot to all these hilarious tweets
Big B “I don’t know them.”
Big B be like “What the F*** I am doing here.”
Ranveer Singh *screams internally
Shahenshah, Baadshah and C******
What ? Did he just call him ambulance Lolz!
Jokes apart, Ranveer Singh is one of the coolest actors of Bollywood. We hope he always remain same.

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