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Veteran Actor Kader Khan Rushed To Canada For Treatment

Legendary actor and writer Kader khan was recently rushed to Canada for knee treatment. Shakti Kapoor who had partnered with him in several movies revealed about his illness. The actor told the media that he is trying to reach him but unable to get his number.
When contacted Shakti Kapoor said, “Yes, Kader Khan is now on a wheelchair. It’s so so sad to be talking about this and I am trying to reach him since the past few days, but I am not able to get his number. I hope to have it in the next 2-3 days.”
Kadar Khan has entertained us with his perfect comic timings. He won millions of hearts with his acting and sense of humor. The veteran actor has done movies like ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’, ‘Dulhe raja’, Coolie no.1 and many more.
Kadar khan’s elder son resides in Canada. Therefore, he is taken to Canada for the treatment. The legendary actor isn’t alone there. His wife has also accompanied him.
The veteran actor has not been well for past 3 years. He had a knee problem and got an operation. However, the treatment went wrong. This only aggravated Kadir Khan’s agony and condition.
The 80 years old actor was last spotted at the trailer launch of his film Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi in 2015. He said that after his illness directors have been unwilling to take him in their film. The actor was clearly facing difficulty in walking. From last 3 years, he has been on a wheelchair only due to his knee problem.
Kader Khan was not happy with today’s film scripts
Kader Khan was known for his work as a writer. The writer said, “There has been a difference in the level of writing. As a writer, I feel that I should come back. I’ll try my best to bring the earlier zubaan back and people are definitely going to enjoy talking in that zubaan,“.  Clearly, the 80 years old actor was not happy with today’s film scripts.
In 2015, he was admitted to Ramdev baba’s Ashram to ease the pain in his joints. We wish the veteran actor and writer Kader Khan a speedy recovery.

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