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VIDEO: Real Ghost CCTV Footage Found Near A Village Pond

In the villages and small towns of India, children and young adults love to play near ponds and lakes. Often, we see small chidren playing alone near ponds and lakes. This fact can be very dangerous.
There would hardly be any pond or lake in India where some one has not drowned. Many of the people who drown become spirits and haunt such ponds or lakes. Ghosts or angels are often seen near village ponds.
One such ghost appeared when a village kid was taking a bath in a pond. A camera managed to capture the Ghost in reality.

Such ghosts can be very dangerous and be resposible for people drowning in village ponds.

Watch full video :-

We advise parents to not leave their young kids alone while bathing. Share this link on your facebook account so that parents can beware.

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