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Vidya Balan Steals The Show In ‘Begum Jaan’ Trailer, Super Hit Hai Boss!

Vidya Balan is a national award winning actress who is noted for her strong feminist performances. She is also known as an alpha woman in the film industry. Owing to her unique acting skills and strong performance driven roles in cinema, Vidya Balan is considered a fashion and style icon as well as the leading actress of this generation.
Vidya Balan has acted in many award winning movies like Paineeta, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Ishqiya, The Dirty Picture, Kahaani among other movies. So, we can safely say that Vidya Balan excels in movies with strong female characters.
Now, we have been waiting long for Vidya Balan’s next movie which is titled as BEGUM JAAN. This movie is widely awaited movie of 2017 featuring the award winning iconic actress and diva Vidya Balan. We are glad to say the trailer of Begum Jaan is out and you will be blown away after seeing the strong performance Vidya Balan has put up in the movie Begum Jaan.

Begum Jaan is about Vidya Balan, the style diva who features as Begum Jaan a woman who runs a brothel on the India Pakistan border before partition. Now, unfortunately due to partition, Begum Jaan’s brothel is caught right between India and Pakistan border.
The voice over for this wonderful movie Begum Jaan has been done by none other than the legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan himself. Mr. Bachchan is leading actor of India and indded the world. His voice lends more credibility to serious feminist movie like Begum Jaan. Vidya Balan who is an icon of feminism throughtout India and also a style diva has done full justice to her role as Begum Jaan.

Watch full trailer here :-

We are sure you will share this link on your Facebook once you watch the classic trailer of the movie Begum Jaan. This movie is set to bag many national awards. So, do watch the trailer and let us know your feedback. Good luck to Vidya Balan and Begum Jaan.

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