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Watch This Very Pregnant Woman Teach A Zumba Class Just 2 Days Before Her Due Date!

Zumba is fun dance form which involves aerobic movements with a music which is so contagious that it keeps you moving.  Anyone who has practiced zumba would know that it requires a lot of energy to perform this dance. Ideally pregnant women are advised to take things easy and keep themselves relaxed when they are nearing their delivery. But a dance instructor changed this conventional view by leading zumba classes.
This dance teacher takes zumba classes and she has set an example for many other pregnant women to stay active till the last day of their pregnancy. Read on and watch her video of how she pulls off an impressive bend back during the dance :

Fitness Instructor

Ana Marro from Texas, Houston is fitness instructor who teaches zumba to lose weight. She was pregnant with her second child and due for her delivery. Just two days before her delivery she was seen dancing with full energy. She did not make pregnancy as an excuse to not to dance or teach people during this time.

She Believes Keeping Active During Pregnancy Is Beneficial

According to her it is good to dance while you are pregnant and it is important to keep yourself active whether you are pregnant or not. She says that since this is the time that a woman gains weight, this time should be also be given to keeping a watch on their body by keeping it fit and active. She says that “the healthier you are, the better are the chances of your baby to enjoy a healthy life”.

Ana Has Always Been A Dance Lover

She says she has been dancing from the age of six. According to her dancing during her pregnancy has helped her with the cramps and overcome the fears related to pregnancy. She says that some women find reasons to not to dance or keep themselves active during their pregnancy but dancing is the best way to manage your weight during this time. She says she wants to motivate other women that there should be nothing that should keep you from maintaining healthy lifestyle.

Watch Her inspirational Video Here :

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