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We Bet You Didn’t Know About These 8 Secret Android Features

Android features
Every person has got a smartphone in their pocket nowadays. These phones have become an indispensable tool of our lives and we can’t think of surviving a day without them. However, there are certain incredible things which these devices are actually capable of but we didn’t know about them. Here are the 8 most fascinating features of your android phone:
Android features
1. Text-to-speech
Not many people like reading the article from their phones. So if you want to listen to the text instead of reading it yourself you can easily change the settings. Go to the Settings-> Accessability-> turn on the Text-to-Speech output option. In some phones, this option is available in Language & Input.
Android features
2. Remote control
In case you lose your smartphone, you can easily locate and block it without losing the data just by following these simple steps. Go to the Settings-> Security-> Device administrators and check the boxes next to Android Device Manager. Remotely locate this device-> Allow remote lock and erase.
Android features
3. Easiest way to save the battery
If you choose a dark background for your phone, the automatic pixel-highlight will turn off and your device will keep its charge for a longer time. Though this amazing feature is not available on all android phones but it’s already implemented in most of the Samsung smartphones and tablets.

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