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We Came Across Some Young Pics Of Justin Trudeau And Lost Physical And Emotional Balance

JustinJustin Trudeau, the uber cool Prime Minister of Canada, is the Internet’s (and ours) favourite obsession. Apart from all the ministerial swag, the man is head-to-toe Hollywood material. I mean, we are all watching him all the time anyways. Watching him swoon us over with bhangra moves, watching him give the ladies a week knee (read: Ivanka Trump) and watching him stand with his beautiful/bountiful butt (no filth of objectification here).
Speaking of watching, the Internet is on to it again; we are now looking at pictures of a young and youthful Justin Trudeau and boy, did Disney miss a prince!

I know you need the pictures. And I will give it to you! Just make sure your heart is at the right place after it. Shall we?

1. You bet!

Young Justin Trudeau looks like the camp counselor your mom warned you about who got that girl pregnant last summer but kept his job.


Image Source

3. My heart just skipped a beat!

4. My day is made. MADE

In case you're having a bad day, here's a photo of a young Justin Trudeau

5. So much so, it’s a competition with a young Joe Biden now.

6. And Richard Gere!

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young justin trudeau looks a little like young richard gere, you know

7. What are you even made of!?

Image Source

Oh my god 

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