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We Finally Know What #MadNomad Cemora’s Next Euro-Trip Destination Is

It was just yesterday that #MadNomad Cemora, who has been upping our wanderlust to extreme levels, shared a cryptic GIF that is a clue to her next Euro Trip stop. We have been channelling our inner Sherlock and cracking our brains over it.
And, we are not alone in it. Even the social media junta have been at it and agreed that the clue was a toughie!

1. Mr Trendulkar had his wits in place.

2. We tried that too.

3. This girl gets us!

4. That’s a mystery in itself.

5. Yes, we’re sure they do mean something.

There are red dots blinking in right side of the codes. Does that mean anything?

6. Really?

7. Even we are wondering the same.

@relishingrascal Many have tried. Many have failed. But this clue seems impossible to crack. Who will eventually crack this? 

8. Oh, Cemora your fans are dying to meet you.

9. Is this the answer? Is it?

10. Second guess of the same nature. Is this answer?

My Guess:
First 2 Numbers: LAT/LONG Coordinates
Date: 07/03
Time: 13:00Hrs @one_miss_wander

Still guessing? Well, guess no more because Cemora has finally revealed what the code meant.

The date,

It’s our first date, and it’s going to be a thriller! :P See you on 7th March.   

The time,

And, finally the location!

How can I not confirm the place when we’re set for the date? ;) See you at The Geneva Motorshow.  

Just like these fans, even we can’t wait to #MeetCemora.

It’s finally time to put a face to that alluring voice. 😉 #MeetCemora

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