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What Happened When This Man Threw Iphone7 From Burj Khalifa, Watch The Video

Have you ever given a thought that what will happen to your phone if you would drop it from a building as tall as 829 meters. You wouldn’t do that for sure, and you would probably not believe that anyone would even think of doing so. But a man threw his iPhone plus from the famous building in Dubai. Burj Khalifa. Read on:

World’s Tallest Building

A tech blogger on social media wanted to know what would happen to phone if it was thrown from a height. For this he chose the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, Dubai. He threw his iPhone plus 7 from 148th floor of this famous building.

His Observation

This tech blogger made interesting observation and recorded the drop of phone with the help of selfie stick. According to him, after the fall, the phone went offline mode and it was untraceable. The blogger says that once your phone is dropped from such a high rise building, it will get completely crushed and no one should try and attempt such a stunt with their phones.

Watch The Video Here:

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