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Why We Lose Friends As We Grow Older?

Friends are an integral part of everyone’s life. We need our friends in adulthood as much as we do when we were kids. When we are kids we had large numbers of friends. But as we grow up the number keeps on decreasing. No matter how hard you try to keep them close differences do come.
But why this sudden change in a relationship happens? Have you ever wondered about it. Read on to unravel the reason behind this sudden change.
Change in priorities
When you was a kid your friends meant the world to you. You would bunk classes for them or get into a fight with anyone. But as you grow up your priorities also change.
We keep love of our life above friendship
You met this beautiful girl in college and fell for her. However, you need to understand that everyone carries their own importance in your life. You need to balance between your love and friends.

When insecurity creeps in
The 20s is a time when we all are struggling hard in our lives to be successful. Some people are lucky and get successful earlier than others. However, some people do have to struggle more than others. When two people start from the same point and your friends is at a much position than you, insecurities creep in. Therefore, you start drifting yourself from your friends.
One of you gets married
Marriage turns a person’s life upside down. With new relations comes new responsibilities. After marriage, it gets difficult to stay in touch as earlier. Long sessions of conversation over phone changes into short text messages. No matter how harder you try, things can’t remain same.
People find new friends
As they move through life, they will meet new people and make new friends. According to a study, having friends at workplace makes an employee more efficient and hard working.
Meet your friends in person
Yes, we know that with the arrival of social media it’s much easier to communicate. One can send pictures and video call. However, nothing can be better than meeting your friend in person. Take out time from your hectic schedule and plan some quality time together.

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