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Why You Should Never Eat The First Chapati Made At Home? Find Out the Reason Behind !

We Indians have the ritual of greeting and treating our guests respectfully. If you go to any remote Indian village, you will find the villagers providing their guests with food and water. Even if they have nothing to eat for themselves they feed the guests first. This is our Indian custom and even the urban people follow it.
Serving is considered as a very important part of our Indian custom. As we know that cow is the holy animal of the Hindus, in our Indian scriptures, cow-service is very closely linked to the customs. Cow-service is a very crucial part of our Hindu customs as the animal is considered as our mother.
This is so because people consider that our God and Goddesses’ spirits reside in the body of a cow. That is the reason why people follow the belief that only when you feed a cow and take care of it, you indirectly service the almighty. This belief of indirectly servicing the God makes people happy.

Know the actual reason behind this custom.

The Hindus worship their mother cow along with Shri Krishna and there is an age-old custom behind. It was Krishna only who made his followers stop worshiping DevIndra (God of lightning, thunder, storms, rain, and river) and start worshiping the cow. This reason is enough to make people believe that by worshipping a cow they will get sanity and will go to heaven after death.
Image source : gopibhakt.com
By keeping in view the importance and holiness of a cow, whenever in a household food is made the first chapati is fed to a cow. This holy act is just like feeding the God. When you feed a cow before feeding yourself, it means that you are feeding the Gods and Goddesses directly.
Every Hindu thus believes that this small act maintains peace and happiness in his or her home. As a human being, it is our duty to take care of every animal be it a cow or a dog. And feed as many animals as we can with all we have as serving is our ultimate motto. This is the reason behind this age-old custom.
In the olden times, cows were fed with grass and leaves. But now the situations and customs have changed a lot. Now people not only feed the cows but they feed them before feeding themselves. The situations have also changed in the way that due to the cutting of forests for the setting up of towns, no more grasses are left for cows to eat.
They no longer have easy access to grasses and leaves. And for the common human being, it is far too difficult to fetch grass for cows. So, because of this reason cows are fed with the first chapati made at home. It is considered pious and respectful too.

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