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Woah!!! Bigg Boss Is SCRIPTED??? This Video Proves The Reality. Unbelievable!

Finally we know the reality now...

#3 Bigg Boss

10 years, 4 Hosts and over 150 celebrity contestants, Bigg Boss will definitely go down as one of the most successful Indian reality show ever. 

But since last 10 years, people are really confused about the actual reality of this reality show. Is it scripted? Is it not? Is it real? What exactly is the scene.

#3 Bigg Boss

#2 The Claims

The questions got more intense when one of the most controversial participant in the History of Bigg Boss, Priyanka Jagga gave out a statement saying that the show is scripted post her eviction. 

This is not the first time an ex-contestant has claimed that the show is fake. In the past, even Rakhi Sawant said the same thing in a talk show with Prabhu Chawla. Rakhi was the part of Bigg Boss season 1. So what is the reality?

Keep reading ahead to see the reality.

#2 The Claims

#1 The Video

A video of Bigg Boss's control room is doing rounds on Internet. It'll tell you exactly how scripted or real the show is. Check out the video first. 

So you can clearly see how the show is made. There are no scripts involved. What we see is the edited version of what these people decide. This should answer your question about the realness of Big boss.

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