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10 Different Types Of Kisses And What They Actually Mean

Kiss is a special way to express love. We express love to our dear ones by hugging or kissing them. It is the most magical thing of the world. You can feel butterflies flying in your stomach when someone kisses you instantaneously.
There are several types of kisses and every kiss has a different meaning. You can know about your relationship with the kind of kiss they do. It tells what kind of connection you have with that person and how close you both are to them.
Here are some of the different kisses and meaning behind them
A kiss on the forehead
If someone kisses you on the forehead it shows respect. Usually, it is a kiss of friendship or starting of a relationship. It means that the person respects you for the kind of person you are.
Kiss on the hand
In this kind of kiss, the person holds your hand gently and kisses the back of your palm. It is an act of chivalry. This kiss shows admiration for someone.
French kiss
It involves use of tongue by both the partners. This kiss requires a lot of passion and admiration for the person.
While kissing each other, when two people get so close that their eyelashes connect, this kiss happens. This kiss shows infatuation or beginning of love between the partners.
Spiderman Kiss
As the name says it all, this kiss was done by Spiderman. While Mary jane was standing normally, spiderman was upside down. That is when he kissed her and this kiss came into existence. You can even perform the safer way of this kiss by laying on a couch.
Cheek kiss
It is usually a way to say Hello and Bye to someone you are close to. It shows admiration and love between the two people.

It’s much like a subtle French kiss where you ite an open mouth. This kiss is full of passion. the key to perform it on your partner is just do it with all your heart and passion.
Kiss on eyelids
This kiss is also known as the kiss of an angel. It is a sweet gesture of telling that you”ll be there for the person. This is a gently kiss which a husband can do to his wife or a mother to his baby.
Air kiss
This kiss is usually popular among celebrities. It is done as a part of greeting. It is given by saying the word “Mwaah”  around the ears while hugging.
Leave a mark kiss
This kiss is a playful gesture done by the ladies. the ladies put on lipstick and then kiss their partner leaving a mark of their lipstick.

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