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Cigarette Addicts Are Using This Weird Trick To Revitalize And Clean Lungs

Needless to say Smoking kills! All of us know that it shorten a person’s life. Not only it shortens the life expectancy of individuals, but also one of the major causes of Lung cancer. According to American Lung Association it causes over 448,000 deaths per year. Huge number. Isn’t it?
Smoking Kills
Nicotine which is present in cigarettes is very addictive in nature. Therefore even when people know that Smoking kills, it’s not easy to give up on it. We hear all the time that smoking is injurious is injurious to health. But do we know why?
Smoking heightens the risk of heart stroke, leads to lung cancer, high Blood pressure and ultimately shortens the life of a person.
But all of that said, it’s not easier to quit Smoking. it is very addictive in nature. Regardless of the consequences if you still want to choose cigarette it’s all your call. But atleast you can try to keep your lungs as healthy as you can.

Clean lungs with a special detox mixture
This detox mixture will help you clean the tar from your lungs. You can make this simple mixture at home only. No need to rush to the supermarket. Most probably you have all the ingredient in your kitchen only.
All you need is turmeric, ginger and onion
Any Indian dish is incomplete without them. Just go to the kitchen and you”ll surely get them at any day of the year.
This is how to make this simple mixture at home
Take 1 litre of water in a pan and boil it. Add 2 tbsp. of turmeric, 400 grams of onion, and a ginger root. Pour the solution through the strainer and once it is cool put it in the refrigerator. You can drink it either the hot way or after cooling it. It’s all your choice. No matter what way you consume it, the only thing that matters is that it goes in your body.
Besides this trick, the best option that we would suggest for your lungs is Quit smoking. No matter how many times you have failed in it, but still keep on trying it.

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