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Deepak Tijori thrown out of house by ‘wife’ who was never his wife

Deepak Tijori- India Tv
Yesteryear actor Deepak Tijori of “Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar” fame has stormed the internet for the most bizarre reason.
Recently, the actor, who has been ‘married’ to Shivani Tomar for more than 20 years, was thrown out of his house by her after a fight, reports suggest. They also have a 20-year-old daughter Samara.
The situation became all the more strange when the actor found out that his wife had never divorced her first husband, nullifying his marriage to her.

Buzz has it that his wife Shivani suspected him of having an ‘extramarital’ affair. She also demanded maintenance from Deepak under 125 CRPC. 
This led to Deepak seeking help from a counsellor, and found the shocking reality of his marriage. He has counter filed a case of nulled marriage on Shivani, and the matter is being heard in a family court in Bandra.
While Deepak Tijori was unavailable for any comment, Shivani’s sister Kunika Lal spoke to a leading daily on the matter.
“Deepak very much has his own house so don’t believe everything you read, and yes there is trouble between my sister Shivani and Deepak, but we don’t discuss personal matters like that. But how is it possible that they were not married legally? And even if she was still married to her first husband, why would he keep quiet for so long? They have a 21-year-old daughter together!” Kunika said.

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