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Kaabil Director Sanjay Gupta Takes A Nasty Dig At The SRK- Akshay Clash

2017 started with a major clash at the Box Office as Shah Rukh Khan’Raees clashed with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil on the Republic Day weekend. Makers of both the films tried their best to avoid to clash and there were quite a few meeting to work out a solution; but the clash could not be avoided.

Team of Kaabil harboured a grudge against Shah Rukh Khan as they felt that they had announced the release date first and should have been able to get a solo release. Even after the films released, Rakesh Roshan was very verbose about his disappointment at the distribution of screens. In the end, both the films crossed 100 crores at the Box office, but the collections of Raees were considerably higher than that of Kaabil.
And now, there is a major clash scheduled for Independence Day as well, albeit with a twist. In this case, Shah Rukh Khan had first announced that his film with Anushka Sharma, which has been directed by Imtiaz Ali, will release on 11th August. Couple of months after that announcement, Akshay Kumar also announced that his film, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha will also release on the same weekend.
Now, while everyone was speculating the repercussions of the clash, Sanjay Gupta, director of Kaabil, did not miss a chance to take a dig at Shah Rukh Khan and posted this tweet. Within no time, Gupta was the target of all SRK fans and had to delete his tweet.
But, the point is, there is no such animosity between Shah Rukh and Akshay, then are such comparisons and calling the clash a fate of someone’s Karma even fair. Aren’t we drawing battle lines even where they don’t exist?

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