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SHOCKING! Kapil Sharma Shared Pic Of His Girlfriend Because Of This Shocking Reason

From the past few days Kapil Sharma has become controversies’ favorite person. He has hit the headlines for 2 major reason. A few days back Kapil shared his girlfriend’s pic on social networking site. The pic of his girlfriend Ginni surfaced the Internet.
But later a more controversial news surrounded Kapil. Kapil had gone to Melbourne with his team for a show.While he was returning back, he got drunk with few pegs of whiskey. As a result he started abusing Sunil Grover and even hit him by throwing a shoe towards him.
All these controversies were very shocking for fans. But if you think you know everything now. We have come to know even more shocking thing about Kapil.
Will not say she is my better half .. she completes me .. love u ginni .. please welcome her .. I love her so much:)

On the same day when Kapil shared Ginni’s pic, news of him hitting Sunil surfaced the Internet. If you are thinking that’s just a coincidence. Then, you are absolutely wrong. Actually, it was all a part of his planning.

Sharing the pic of Ginni was pre-planned by the comedian. Yes, we agree that it’s not a big deal to share your girlfriend’s pic with the world. Many people do that. But when it comes from a person who has always been silent on his personal life, then it is unexpected.
What actually came in his mind that all of a sudden he shared Ginni’s pic. Moreover, he also proclaimed his love for her through some adorable words.
This is what he wrote for her
“Will not say she is my better half .. she completes me .. love u Ginni .. please welcome her .. I love her so much:).”  
But on the same day news broke that Kapil abused and hit Sunil in the flight. Kapil knew that this news would land him in trouble and he might face backlash from people. That is exactly what happened. To distract media from this, he posted pic of Ginni.
However, media found the news of Kapil hitting Sunil more interesting. And gave it their whole attention to their brawl. If this was a strategy, then it didn’t work for him. And till now we know how much backlash he has received from public. All the best Kapil, things might go more difficult for you.

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