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Sona Mohapatra Slammed Sonakshi So Bad On Twitter That The Actor BLOCKED Her!

Sonakshi Sinha has lately been in the news but for all the wrong reasons. Firstly, she got into a twitter spat with singer Armaan Malik who stood his grounds, the same as Kailash Kher’s, vouching for musicians (and not actors-trying-to-be-singers) when it comes to representing India at international concerts (read: Justin Beiber’s India gig).

In fact, the other Malik brother, Amaal also put his foot forward, denying any kind of collaboration with the ‘Noor’ actress after she tried to diss them with this.
And this is definitely not the same tune you were singing when you wanted me to sing for you 🎶 https://twitter.com/armaanmalik22/status/856407723793158144 

However, Sonakshi tried to put the entire episode in the past and took to Twitter, explaining that she is NOT singing at the Beiber concert. She also urged haters to ‘love’ themselves, in any case of objection. 

But, Sona Mohapatra, another bright name from the music industry, was in no mood of forgetting/forgiving!  

She posted a series of tweets explaining everything that was wrong with Sonakshi’s tweet(s).

1. It started with ‘Dear’ though.

Dear Sonakshi,if you weren't 'performing' at the Bieber concert like you now proclaim, then u could have just said so & not talked about (1)


your 'art', your 'dreams' & your rights on the live performance stage. Also insulting a composer & live artist who you claimed literally (2)

3. *grabs popcorn*

ran after you to 'collaborate' with them. You actually laughed at them & talked down to them, instead of telling the truth? Gracious! 🙏🏽(3)

4. That’s right, this to that!

Dear lady, you were condescending to real musicians & singers all through & continue to be with this juvenile 'face saving' post now. SAD. https://twitter.com/sonakshisinha/status/856620503754129408 

Well, she also shared a screenshot of another development and it doesn’t take rocket science to understand! 

Hahahaha! Not that I'd ever followed this bundle of talent, grace & intelligence.

Is it only me or is it getting really hot in here?!

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