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Troubles For Kapil Sharma, Air India To Take Strict Action Against Him!

Troubles do not seem to be ending for the Comedy King Kapil Sharma. Not only has his show THE KAPIL SHARMA SHOW been rocked by Sunil Grover and others quitting the show, but now it seems the Comedian Kapil Sharma is facing more trouble.
As you might be aware Kapil Sharma, got extremely drunk on a flight Melbourne to New Delhi. This was an Air India flight. So, Air India has decided to take matters seriously now.
It is reported that Kapil Sharma hit his colleague Sunil Grover with shoe on this flight. Kapil Sharma also called Sunil Grover his personal servant and thus insulted Sunil Grover on the Air India flight.

After having a few drinks, Kapil Sharma was enraged when the Air India staff presented lunch to fellow passengers while Kapil Sharma was still having his drinks.
Source : YouTube
Kapil Sharma Sharma did not like Sunil Grover having his meal while Kapil Sharma was still having his drinks on the Air India flight between Melbourne to Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.
Here’s tweet:-
Unruly behaviour and violence on our aviation network is regrettable. Each such incident will be investigated and appropriate action taken.
The Air India pilot had to warn the comedian Kapil Sharma before Kapil Sharma quietly slept all the way to New Delhi International Airport.
Source : AirIndia
Now, Air India management has decided to file a complaint against Kapil Sharma. It seems troubles are not ending for the comedian Kapil Sharma. We hope Kapil Sharma apologizes to the Air India crew and pilot soon for his misbehavior on the flight.

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