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Check Out How Bollywood Star's Reacted Weird And Silly On Justin Bieber Concert.

The worst reaction has come out from Armaan Malik tweet

#5 Justin Beiber Concert

#5 Justin Beiber Concert
Justin Bieber’s first visit to India for his Purpose Concert was a much-awaited scene. Not just fans or media, but Bollywood stars were also excited for International singing sensation’s visit. 

Justin Bieber met Deepika Padukone on International airport. Justin Beiber concert was held at DY Patil stadium. Many of the Bollywood actors has attended his concert.

#4 Bipasha Basu

#4 Bipasha Basu
The live Concert of Justin Bieber show was not up to the mark. All had lots of expectations and it led to the disappointment of many. 

Even Bollywood stars had expected lot more but they came out with the disappointment not much happy with the security arrangements and openly showed their feeling towards media. 

Bipasha who was dressed up in the black printed top paired with shorts, posted on her Instagram regarding the Justin Concert. 

#3 Arjun Rampal

#3 Arjun Rampal
Arjun Rampal who attended the concert with his daughters Mahikaa and Myra. Disappointed with the security, Arjun also left the concert in between.

#2 Sonali Bendre Bahl tweet

#2 Sonali Bendre Bahl
Biebered out!!! Missed d efficiency of @WizcraftIndia n d personal touch of @WizAndreTimmins #wasteoftime. 

It seems all the hype was not worth it. Neither the audience nor stars enjoyed the much awaited night in Mumbai. All had lots of expectation but it went a huge failure. 

Sonali said that, Justin Bieber Concert is a waste of time

#1 Armaan Malik

#1 Armaan Malik
Famous Bollywood Singer, Armaan Malik, attended the grand concert of JB in black & white T-Shirt and black pants. Looking damn smart. 

Disappointed with the performance of Bieber, He posted sarcastic tweet.

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