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OMG! You Won't Believe What Salman Khan's Bodyguard Shera Getting Paid Every Month for securing his life. Unbelievably Shocking!

We've Found Out what his salary and what more gifts he gets from Salman Khan. Lucky One!

#3 Bond Of Salman And Shera

#3 Bond Of Salman And Shera
Actor Salman Khan has been ruling the Bollywood industry for the past many years. Salman Khan is very Reputed in bringing up the new talents in the Industry. 

He has a huge number of followers and lovers who can do anything for him at any point of time. Amongst those followers one more is his bodyguard, Shera, his real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly. He has been together with Salman Khan from last 20 years.

#2 Shera assigned To safeguard JB

#2 Shera assigned To safeguard JB
You all Know the Canadian singer Justin Bieber arrived India, Mumbai for his concert . 

Shera was assigned to safeguard this popular singer in our country. Salman was the one who recommended Shera name for Justin's Security. 

Undoubtedly, Shera has become very popular and became all time choice as a bodyguard for an important event, like the Bieber concert held last night. 

Shera’s job is not an easy one. He has to secure the life of Salman Khan and any other celeb if required. Check Out What Salary he gets monthly

#1 Salary Of Shera

#1 Salary Of Shera
Shera being a loyalist to Salman for more than two decades. 

one would wonder that how much would Shera be earning to look after Salman’s safety. Well, Our reports found that Shera is paid an amount of Rs 15 lakh every month to look after Salman Khan. 

So, that makes it Rs 2 crore a year. That’s quite a good amount for a bodyguard. Salman Khan treats him as a part of his family. One can totally agree as Salman Khan is not the one to underpay someone. 

Remember Sallu's pets were called Myson and Myjaan, so now there is a Myman! Salman Keep On giving gifts to Shera. Even this gift is given by Sallu to Shera.

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